İt provides the opportunity to park 2 vehicles at the point where 1 vehicle will be parked. The first car will rise to up and will replace it the other car. It allows you to use your car parking efficiently. It is Designed to minimize the space required for parking. Downstairs places for visitors and upstairs parking spaces for permanent users low maintenance and cost. Wear-resistant mobile joints, and proven hydraulic technology. When our parking will turned into living spaces. It would more valuable to us. For the moving in this direction, more reliable and more efficient vehicle lifts were produced. Isolate your vehicle from external influences, maximum provide security for your vehicle. Create more spaces in your garden. Be the first to get one parking for two vehicles by this privilege.


Driver System Hydraulic 
Carrying Capacity 2500 – 10000 kg 
Max. Travel Distance 15.000 mm 
Working Speed 0.15 m/sn 
Platform Internal Dimensions (2800 x 5000 mm / ( Special Dimensions )
Platform External Dimensions (3600 x 5100 mm / ( Special Dimensions )
Pit According to the Project 
Emergency Rescue System Ups / Manual 
Main Power Requirement 380 V AC – 50 HZ – Three Phase