It is possible to make it with a capacity of 20.000 kilograms and a height of 15 meters. The platform is large and it is preferred in places with high lifting capacity. It is able to lift 20.000 kg load and able to lift from ground to 15 meter height. Platform dimensions will be specified according to customer needs. Reciprocating double rail and double piston are used. There is no need for deep pit and additional spaces on the last floor. There is no need for a separate machine room like passenger elevators and more economical than elevators. Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs are low. All necessary safety precautions have been taken regarding environmental and freight. Area of usage; Car lifts, warehouses, shopping malls, factories and places with shorter floor and level difference.


Drive Type Hydraulic
Carrying Capacity 5000 - 20.000 kg
Max. Travel Distance  15.000 mm
Working Speed 0.15 m/sn
Platform External Dimensions 3300 x 2600 / ( Special Dimension )
Platform İnternal Dimensions (2500 x 2500 / ( Special Dimension )
Pit According to the project
Steel Construction According to the project
Main Power Requirement 380 V AC – 50 Hz – Three Phase
Emergency Rescue System Ups / Manual

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