With the pride of being the first and only in Turkey , you can move from one comfort with Poltime duplex elevator in your two-storey home.

Poltime duplex elevator is suitable in your two floor house, you can travel easily and comfortable from ground floor to up floor or vice versa. Unlike a traditional elevator, it is a compact product and does not require significant structural changes at the place of installation, Thus it can be installed almost anywhere in your home. When it is sent up or down, it leaves an empty space through our special design. It is a model designed to make your home look perfect and enjoy the comfortable product every day. By virtue of the pressure sensitive safety surfaces, it stops the movement when it detects contact from above or below. Break resistant glasses are used. For added safety, the lift will move only when the door is closed and the door does not open during the movement. When the power goes out, the lift will automatically go down to the ground floor with the UPS system.


Driver System Hydraulic / Screw System  
Load Capability 250 kg / 2 Persons 
Distance 9 mt 
Speed 0,15 m/sec 
Platform Internal Dimensions 750*850 mm / (Special Dimension) 
Platform External Dimensions 1080*1060 mm / (Special Dimension) 
Pit None 
Door Automatic Locking - Safety Switch 
Emergency Rescue System Ups / Manual 
Announcment System 3 Languages / Turkish, English, Arabic 
Intercom System Available 
Main power requirement 220 V Ac - 50 Hz -Monofaze 
Installation Time 2 Days 

Specification's Images