Duplex Elevator
The Poltime duplex elevator will look great at home With honor to be the first and only in Turkey. In your two-story house, you can pass a bleak elegance and comfort with a dublex poltime elevator.
Unlike conventional elevator, it is small in size and does not require major structural changes in the installation site, so it can be installed almost everywhere in your home. When we send it up or down, it leaves an empty space thanks to our own design. It is a model designed to make your home look great and you can enjoy it every day of your lift. The pressure-sensitive safety surfaces stop moving when the connection is detected from top to bottom.

Use break resistant glasses. However, for more safety, the elevator will move when the door is closed and the door will not be opened when the elevator moves. When power is cut off, the elevator will automatically fall to the ground through the UPS system.


Driver System Screw Nut / Hydraulic
Load Capability 250 kg / 2 person
Speed 0,15 m/sec
Distance 9 M
Pit Don't need to set pit
Platform internal size 750*850 mm (W x D)
Platform outside size 1080*1060 mm (W x D)
Power Supply 220V 50 Hz
DOOR Automatic lock- safety switch (optionally)
Voice announcing system English ,Turkish ,Arabic,with Intercom system
Safety contact switches under the table / bellows (optionally)
Emergency Save Ups / Manual