MK 105 Open Platform Lifts
Double sided carrier column. Can be placed directly onto the floor without a lift pit. It can be used in schools, mosques, hotels, rehabilitation centers, shops and places where installation area is narrow. Open handicapped platform which can be easily applied indoor and outdoor are not affected by humidity, rain and snow. It is silent and long lasting due to worm screw and hydraulic. MK 105 model is produced within the standards of 2006/42 / EC regulations and supplied to the market with CE Certificate.


Driver System Screw Nut / Hydraulic
Load Capability 315 kg
Speed 0,15 m/sec
Distance 3 M
Pit Don't need to set pit
Platform internal size 900*1400 mm (W x D)
Platform outside size 1600*1400 mm (W x D)
Power Supply 220V/ 50 Hz
DOOR Automatic lock- safety switch (optionally)
Controls locked controls and emergency stop button on floors and platforms
Safety contact switches under the table / bellows (optionally)