Easy and trouble-Bree installation in any area as it does not require a pit. This model has wide area of usage. Driving system of the lift hydraulic and worm shaft. It can be used safely and meet your requirements indoors and outdoors The lift is easy to install and can be placed directly onto the floor, not required pit. It does not need extra construction during the installation. It has 4 stops and helps to customer not to waste time. The outdoor lift is equipped to resist to extreme weather conditions. Area of usage: Schools, Temples, Police stations, Rehabilitation centers, Public institutions, Private health institutions, Training centers. KP 901 model is produced within the standards of 2006/42 / EC regulations and supplied to the market with CE certificate. User and environment safety are in the highest level.


Drive Type Hydraulic / Worm Screw
Load Capability 315 / 400 kg
Distance 15 mt     
Speed 0,15 mt/sec
Platform Internal Dimensions 1100*1400 mm / (Special Dimension)
Platform External Dimensions 1600*1600 mm / (Special Dimension)
Pit 120 mm – 150 mm – 250 mm
Door Fully Automatic
Emergency Rescue System Ups / Manual
Announcment System 3 Languages / Turkish, English, Arabic
Intercom System Available
Main power requirement 220 V AC - 50 Hz -Monofaze / 380 V AC -
50 Hz -Three Phase

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