KP 901 Closed Vertical Platform Lifts
It has wide areas of use, the driver system is hydraulic or screw vs nut drive with its own shaft, indoor and outdoor design options and excellent elevators that can be safely used to meet all your needs for high performance. The lift is easy to install and can be placed directly onto the floor without a lift pit, this makes the installation of Lift fast and easy. The outdoor Lift is equipped to resist to most weather conditions.

Areas of use: schools, mosques, police stations, rehabilitation centers, public institutions, private health institutions, training centers. KP 901 model is produced within the standards of 2006/42 / EC regulations and supplied to the market with CE Certificate.


Driver System Screw Nut / Hydraulic
Load Capability 315 kg / 400 kg
Max Station 4
Speed 0,15 m/sec
max Distance 11 M
Door Dimension 900*2000 mm (W x H)
Door Type Manuel veya Otomatik
Platform internal size 1100*1400 mm (W x D)
Platform outside size 1600*1600 mm (W x D)
Power Supply 1-phase 220V 50 Hz
3-phase 380V 50 Hz
Voice announcing system English ,Turkish ,Arabic,
Emergency Save Ups / Manual